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Is That Gluten Free? for iPhone / iPadLet me tell you a little about Is That Gluten Free? iPhone and iPad app. You see, there are thousands of apps for the iPhone out there and most beg the question, “…should I really spend my money on this?” Some apps are $.99, in fact most are under $10 and then some go as high as $50+. And I do find myself debating on the cheap ones as well as the more expensive ones…and I often regret that I made the purchase no matter how much it cost me.

I have shown this app to a few gluten free freaks like myself and nobody, and I mean nobody, asked me how much it would cost them. What they some did say is, “Oh my god, now I MUST get an iPhone!” So think about that. This app is so good, so right on target with what gluten-free people want, that these folks saw justification to spend money on the iPhone JUST to have this app! And if I didn’t already have the iPhone, I have no doubt I would have thought the same thing.

The actual price of Is That Gluten Free? Is $7.99 (it use to be $5.99). Even if I take out the excitement of an app that helps me, and I just look at the quality, content, and layout…I would have paid much more.

Being a brand new download for me, I was excited to dig in…and here is what I found:

categiries tabThe first tab is the ‘Categories’ tab. Here you can select foods from what I would consider to be a grocery isle list. The reason I liked this section was that I could pick something like ‘hot dogs’ and a list of 14 Brands and 57 specific products that were verified free of gluten popped right up. It was actually fun to go through each just to see how many times I would say, “I had no idea I could have that!”

The next tab was ‘Brands’. I would count how many brands were listed but I really don’t have that kind of time so let’s just say it’s a truck load! But I selected A&W, which showed 4 products that were gluten-free, and then I selected the original A&W Root beer out of that list and came up with specifics on that product. The app shows when it was validated, a company statement, and a link to their website. NICE!

Quite honestly that should be enough. Those features work great, give me what I want, and I wouldn’t need anything more. But it wasn’t good enough for Midlife Crisis Apps (geez, even the company name is cool!). No, they put in the next two features as well.

search tabThe first is a search feature where you have no limits to what you can search for, and it has ‘active’ or ‘live’ search function as you type. This means that if you type in ‘pea’ you will get a pull of everything in the database that contains those letters from PEAs to PEAches to sPEArmint. And the more of the word you type, the narrower the results, very handy!

And finally there is the ‘Ingredients’ tab. This tab contains a huge list of ingredients including the ones where I usually just shrug my shoulders and hope for the best. Did you know that Xyitol, Tyrosine, and Sorbitol-Mannitol are all gluten-free? Oh you did smarty-pants? Well did you know that the last one I mentioned, Sorbitol-Mannitol, can cause IBS symptoms? Is It Gluten Free knows it, and list it all out there in a very easy to read format.

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  1. Stacey Hammen says:

    Love, love, love this app. I was directed to it from Facebook of all places and it’s the best app I have. I use it on my iPod touch and if I didn’t already carry it with me all the time, this would be the reason to do so.

  2. This app looks fantastic. I can’t wait to try it and ultimately recommend it to my health coaching clients as well as on my blog and FB/Twitter pages. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Mike says:

    Hey I’m just hearing about this app through your blog. I’m suspicious though as to how liberally the company throws around the phrase “verified.” Do we have any idea where their data is coming from? I’ve never found a consolidated listing of gluten free products (that was reliable) on the web. Any answers from the community would be awesome. I’m buying this for sure, just hoping to calm my suspicion.

    • Evelyn says:

      Mike, the author of the app contacts the companies via email or phone to obtain the list of their gluten free products, which means that he personally verifies the information. On the other hand, manufacturers can change their recipes at any time without notifying him, so I wouldn’t rely completely on the app.

  4. Anna says:

    This needs to be available for Android phones! :(

  5. Dr. Jacquelyn P. Horne says:

    This app is a crock!!!!! Based on outdated information n Snyyder’s of Hanover Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, my husband is extremely sick and recover will be very slow. My prayer is this extreme exposure does not become life threateninng!

    • Evelyn says:

      Hello Dr. Jacquelyn P,
      Sorry to hear that your husband got sick! I checked Snyder’s website and they list Hanover Restaurant Style Tortillas in the gluten free products . Although the app isn’t always correct, in your case it was up to date with the information provided by the manufacturer. Hope your husband gets better soon!

      • Nancy says:

        In any information given out as to what products are gluten free, careful consideration needs to be given if the product is made on shared equipment. If it is, it needs to be noted as such. I never consider these products as gluten free due to possible cross contamination.

  6. Vicky says:

    I took no chances of a price raise on this. I downloaded it immediately and thank you for putting this information out here. Everyone in my family who has Celiac Disease will get this information forwarded from me. There are, at last count 6 of us.

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