The Venus Factor: Diet and Fitness in Perfect Balance

Things can become quite confusing when you are looking for fitness and diet information, especially if you are looking for a great fitness program you can try. This is because there seems to be a never-ending stream of information and advice about losing weight over the internet. You may have purchased a few programs in the past, only to be left disappointed due to not being able to achieve your fitness goals.

You might spend hours researching different theories on diet, and yet you still cannot find the perfect diet plan and exercise program that will help you lose weight.

The truth is that the theory of losing weight is quite simple. All you need to do is to use more calories than you take in. However, you do need to do certain activities in order to burn off calories, but nonetheless, the theory behind losing weight is not that complicated.

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What you want to do is to take a look at the basics of weight loss. As previously mentioned, one basic requirement for weight loss is to burn more calories than you take in. This means that all the exercising in the world will not do much if you do not manage your food intake properly. Also, the occasional cleanses will usually not help you get rid of excess weight. The key to shedding weight is to consume fewer calories.

diet and fitness programThe Venus Factor: is a great program you should look into when you want to manage your diet. The program is put together in a way that you can follow a weekly diet schedule with very little chance of crashing.

Another basic is physical activity, and this means you need to move if you want to lose weight. You can do simple things such as walking five minute per day or alternate days.

When you are ready to take things to the next level, then you should opt for the Venus 12 week workout program, as it is packed with workouts that are designed to generate great results for you.

The third basic requirement needed for any successful fitness regimen is patience. Different people respond to different exercises, diets and programs, and some people have better genetics than other people. Also, you do not want to push your body beyond your capabilities, as this may result in your injuring yourself or you could end up actually gaining weight. Figure out what your limits are and then plan your workouts accordingly, as this will reduce your chances of suffering injuries, and don’t forget to remain patient and realize that it may take time to improve your stamina, strength and to see the results you want to see.

You might find it hard to be patient because you may want fast results, and if you don’t see results very quickly, then you could end up becoming very frustrated. The important thing to remember is that you cannot do everything in just one day, which means it will take a tiny bit of time to achieve the results you are aiming to get.

When you want to achieve results, then you need to be committed, and working out should be part of your life, but it actually doesn’t have to affect your daily life. If you find that working out is affecting your daily life, then you may be pushing hard to get results, so make sure your fitness program doesn’t affect your life in certain ways, such as affecting your social life or from enjoying your favorite foods from time-to-time. Don’t be afraid to slow things down if you are pushing yourself too hard.

In another post I did a full rundown on What is included in The Venus Factor System

You want a routine that allows you to have a balanced life, so keep the information above in mind and you should be able to achieve some good results and lose some weight over a span of time, without having your daily life being drastically affected.

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  1. Kerry says:

    I am trying to find a relator in Gauteng, South Africa that carries this book


    • Hi Kerry,
      The Venus Factor in not a book, it’s a complete system with video training, Virtual Nutritionist software, mobile app, and more. It is available for online purchase only. You can get it from their website, and they’ll send you a login with access to all the goodies… hope this helps.

  2. Sherri benson says:

    What if you can’t do exercise I have a bad back and bad knees.

    • Hi Sherri,

      The Venus factor consists of two part: fat loss and body transformation. You can do the fat loss part without doing any exercise. Take a look at what other Venuses shared in the forum,
      “I used to blame my “bad back” on a WHOLE bunch of things. I skipped certain “work-out” moves (planks comes to mind…) because of my BAD back. While moving through Venus work-outs, carefully and with a solid eye towards “good form” first, my back is SO strong now, it isn’t even funny. I haven’t had back pain in nearly 2 years, at all.”

      “…I also have bad knees that click when i bend or go upstairs. Today is day 2 and I don’t feel too bad. I feel it but the knees aren’t any worse and the back and leg isn’t worse. I’m hoping these exercises will strengthen what is weak…”

      I hope this will change your mind to give the exercise a try. Just take it easy at the beginning, and slowly work yourself up. Good luck!

  3. thara says:

    where i can get this program book in malaysia?

    • Hey Thara, The Venus Factor in not a book; rather a complete weight-loss system which includes videos, software, Venus Community etc. It can be purchased and accessed online only where you can download some materials.

  4. Holly says:

    Is the an app for you to use and when you purchase the program is it a one time payment?? And does it have a schedule of meals to make for you?

    • There is an app for iPhone and Android. You can download it from your member area. Yes, it is one-time payment for the VF. No, this program is different, there are no scheduled meals.

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